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The future of Parasitter: Alternative to Invidious?

It was bad news to read that Omar Roth, the main developer of Invidious, is stepping away from the open source world. But in these cases, when awesome and useful projects are threatened by the discontinuation of their main developer, is when we have to squeeze our heads and think what we can do to solve it. And it is also important to support the person (Omar in this case) with their decision and be grateful for the time they have dedicated to the community.

Funny enough, a few weeks before this news I started a project called Parasitter. It was basically a web app which let you group all content from your Twitter’s and Youtube’s favorite creators and enjoy it all in one place. With the condition of respecting your privacy. So no connections to Youtube nor Twitter were made.

This was possible thanks to two awesome projects: Nitter and Invidious. Both part from the same concept which is to let users read/watch Twitter/Youtube without the need of visiting their webpages nor making any connection to their servers. This is really good as those services are known for not respecting privacy at all. And, if you are reading this, you should know that privacy REALLY matters.

A few weeks later, Omar announced that he was stepping away from the Invidious project, leaving the project without a programmer. This means that Parasitter will no longer be viable as it was fed by the Invidious API for most of its functions.

So from my point of view, and as much as I want Parasitter to be useful, I’m forced to squeeze my brain to find a way to replace Invidious’ main functions. If you can watch the videos and have a feed from your followed accounts with full privacy, I’ll be happy.

So this is my commitment for now. It may take a long time, just as it may never succeed. But I’ll spend as much free time as I can to move forward with this, to do research and try to get something functional.

As always: contributors of any kind are welcome.


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