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Parasitter Is Now Yotter

I was told several times that ‘Parasitter’ wasn’t a very good name for the project. I like that name, though, because it defines what the project does: Parasite Youtube and Twitter. Also, at first this project was only about following Twitter accounts, hence the ‘itter’.

What it’s true is that a Parasite is a repellent thing, a bad thing. Also, the name was quite long and (kind of) complicated to pronounce. With all of this together, I decided to change the name of the project.

The name had to be short, catchy, representative and fun. I started thinking of abstract names like ‘Kurmi’ or ‘Steor’ but those names didn’t represent in any way the project.

Later, someone on Reddit, started purposing names combining the words ‘Youtube’ and ‘Twitter’ and I thought that was a good idea. So combining the names I came up with Yotter, Youtube + Twitter. I loved that name as soon as I saw that it contains the word ‘Otter’, one of my favorite animals.

Yotter is a fancy name which instantlly gives the project a mascot. It also represents what the project is seeking by combining the two words that give this project all the sense of being plus, it’s short.

So that’s it! Say hello to Yotter from now on: Yotter banner


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