I am sure if we ask anyone on the street about Bitcoin they will probably have heard about it at least once. But if we ask if they own bitcoin or if they have ever used Bitcoin their answer would be “no”. Maybe this is your answer.

Well, it’s normal. Bitcoin is a super-new technology that came out only 10 years ago. It may seem a lot to you, but have in mind that the internet was born in 1970s and until the 2000s it didn’t start to go viral among the average-user.

In this chapter of the series I want to explain what is Bitcoin. What does it mean to have a bitcoin.

Note that Bitcoin with capital ‘B’ is for the protocol and bitcoin with lowercase ‘b’ is for the currency.

What is Bitcoin?

Here, we will be covering the very basics of Bitcoin. At a very, very low level so everyone can read this and understand it.