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Big week for Parasitter!

This week has been great for Parasitter! I have been working on a easy solution in order to protect user’s privacy while using Parasitter.

I started relying on Invidious as a ‘third-party’ to stream the videos and get all the data, but since the announcement that we commented on the previous post I had to change it. So I started a new Parasitter branch where I am working to break any dependency with Invidious.

A very useful tool for this is youtube-dl with it I can get the GoogleVideo link. It is curious that Youtube is embeding a video from GoogleVideo on its webpage. So I can’t use the Youtube url as I would be dealing with a request to the video html page and not the video itself. So I need this GoogleVideo link so I can stream just the video.

This is interesting, and at the same time annoying. Youtube (or Google) doesn’t have an easy translation to the GoogleVideo link. It is not like changing the youtube.com for a googlevideo.com. GoogleVideo links are very complex and random, so I can’t guess a video’s link with just its id. There are plenty of methods for doing this, but with youtube-dl it is very easy.

But Parasitter is a tool for protecting users privacy. So I can’t make the client stream a video from GoogleVideo, as it would be awful. Parasitter’s users should never make any connection to Google. The only requests that a user should be doing are to Parasitter itself.

For doing so, I need to proxy a stream of video to the client through Parasitter. I started reading and trying to understand how Invidious did it. I also got in contact wiht Invidious creator, Omar Roth, which he kindly answered my questions (Thanks!). I made my own research with the things I learned and finally I got it to work using Python and Flask. So now when users connect to a (remote) Parasitter server, they will never connect to Google when wathcing videos!

Next steps

Next steps are proxying the video thumbnails, as for now they are served from ytimg (a service that google uses for storing and serving youtube images). Also I need to start working on the configuration page as it lacks most fundamental functions. Another good thing that I will be working on the future is on the ability to watch livestreams directly from Parasitter. And lastly, but not less important, the ability for the user to see a channel page directly from Parasitter.


So that’s it! It’s been a great development week for Parasitter and it looks very good! I hope I can start testing on a public instance before September.


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