About me

Online, I go by the pseudonym Pluja. I am a dedicated Linux user who loves free open source software. I’m a Computer Scientist with a concentration in Cybersecurity.

Currently, I’m working on several personal projects like kycnot, Parasitter or CloackMe apart from other private projects which I will be publishing in the future. I’ve been to many hackathons in the last few years and I’ve learned and enjoyed a lot, so if you’re into hackathons we may have probably met :)

What I love

I love encryption. I think it is awesome. But also it’s somehow hard for me to understand, but I try. I also love Bitcoin and Monero projects and I’m really into them. I love music and anything related to it and I also really enjoy art galleries. I admire the people that fight for freedom and privacy and I fight with them too. I love decentralization and I think that mesh networks are brilliant. I love doing apnea and climbing mountains. I love nature. I enjoy tabletop games but I’m not into d&g games.